elspeclogoAffordable Yet Advanced Power Factor Correction

The Elspec Activar power factor/quality correction system offers the following advanced features :

  • Solid state transient free switching
  • Prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment
  • Extremely long life expectancy
  • Integral power quality analyser
  • Accurate power factor correction even under dynamic loads
  • Unique self testing and reporting features
  • Easily upgraded to full specification Equaliser

activar_smThe Elspec Activar is one of the most advanced power quality correction systems available, yet it competes at the same price point as conventional unintelligent contactor based systems!

What’s more, it can be easily upgraded in the future to become a high speed Equalizer system which can switch within 14ms!

Unlike many other conventional systems, the Activar is not limited to incrementally introducing reactive steps one at a time. It can switch in multiple steps as required, which enables faster, more accurate tracking of the reactive load.

Like the more advanced Equalizer system, the Activar only switches at the point of zero current flow between the reactive banks and the network. This ensures transient free switching as well as long and reliable operating life.

The Activar is easy to use and maintain. The large full graphics LCD is easy to understand and the menu system is easy to operate. Plus the controller includes a complete power quality meter which makes fault finding easy. The controller has a built in test function that will notify you of any faults it finds with the system.

The Activar is designed to be a lower cost alternative to the high speed state of the art Equalizer range of power quality correction equipment. But it shares many of the advanced features of the Equaliser range. This makes the Activar a no-brainer option for any small factory or building that requires power quality correction on a limited budget!

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