elspeclogoThe Elspec Equalizer RT Voltage Dip Ride-Through Solution

The revolutionary Elspec RT is a transient free system that can supply substantial reactive power to enable the network to ride through a deep loss in voltage (up to 70%) for short periods (up to 3 seconds).

ViaVar (RT)Process industries such as paper manufacturers, plastic injection molding, steel rolling etc that use electronic equipment to control complex manufacturing processes can be very sensitive to voltage dips which can cause the electronic control equipment to reset or stop operating unexpectedly, bringing the whole plant to a grinding halt.

In many of these cases an unexpected plant shut down can result in massive costs:

  • Scrapping of the damaged production batch
  • Overtime and other expenses required to remove the scrapped material from the machinery. For example plastic that has solidified in the injectors that has to be gauged out, or hot steel that has cooled and hardened around the rollers etc.
  • Extended plant start-up times with all the associated unproductive man-hours and other costs, for example it can take eight hours or more to restart production after the scrapped batch has been removed.
  • Damaged production equipment caused by the loss of control.
  • Lost sales for the month or week in question.

If one calculates the effects on the monthly bottom line of one voltage dip that stops a big plant, the amount can easily run into millions!

Elpsec’s advanced technology enables very fast reaction (within 14ms) to voltage dips. Their unique approach does not require rooms full of capacitors and thus is a very cost effective solution to this potentially very expensive problem.

The Equalizer RT was rigorously tested according the Spanish grid code PO12.3 which specifies short term voltage dip compliance and found the Equalizer RT to be the first and only solution so far to meet that requirement. A case study of the test is available here.

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