elspeclogoThe Highest Speed Power Quality Correction Available

The Equalizer provides the fastest compensation available (14ms – two thirds of a 50 Hz cycle), via solid state transient free switching, The Equalizer’s revolutionary controller uses FFT (fast Fourier transforms) to analyse each and every cycle and apply appropriate compensation per cycle. That’s right! The Equalizer can apply different levels of reactive compensation to each and every 50Hz cycle!

We know of no other power quality correction system that is capable of this level of high speed compensation.

  • Significantly improve voltage stability under the most difficult loads.
  • Significantly reduce current spikes from large motor start-ups or other large sudden reactive loads.
  • Prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment
  • Free up capacity on transformers overloaded with reactive power
  • Extremely long life expectancy
  • Integral power quality analyser
  • Accurate power factor correction even under dynamic loads
  • Unique self testing and reporting features
  • Solid state transient free switching

activar_smThe Elspec Equalizer is the most advanced power quality correction system available and should be considered where ever difficult loads are encountered such as:

  • Welding
  • Induction heating
  • Arc furnaces
  • Frequent motor start-ups
  • Process industries such as plastic injection molding, paper making, steel rolling that should not stop unexpectedly
  • Large motors such as mine winders and cranes
  • Sensitive electronics like hospitals, data centers and and ISP’s

The Equalizer can apply any number of reactive steps to each successive cycle as required which enables it to offer the best control of reactive loads available.

The Equalizer only switches at the point of zero current flow between the reactive banks and the network. This ensures transient free switching as well as long and reliable operating life.

Despite its state of the art capability, the Equalizer is easy to use and maintain. The large full graphics LCD is easy to understand and the menu system is easy to operate. Plus the controller includes a complete power quality meter which makes fault finding easy. The controller has a built in test function that will notify you of any faults it finds with the system.

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