Elspec Wind Turbine Compensation Systems.

The output of a wind turbine is affected by a number of parameters: wind speed, location, local networks, generator manufacturer as well as the efficiency of it’s reactive power compensation system.

Inductive wind turbines are asynchronous generators that consume reactive energy under all load conditions and also during start up, which can occur on numerous occasions during normal daily operation.

Compensation of “Start Up” Reactive Power Consumption.
In order to reduce the impact of an inductive wind generator’s initial connection to the network, the “start up” procedure is strictly controlled.

During this period, harmonic distortion is extremely high and there is very little or no active fundamental current. Reactive consumption of the generator is at a peak, and current at the transformer reaches maximum values.

The impact of this high reactive consumption on the supply transformer and subsequently the supply voltage is considerable. The voltage dips dramatically, which can cause unacceptable disturbances on the local network, as well as voltage flicker. This situation is exacerbated when there are multiple turbines connected to the same supply network.

The Elspec Equalizer compensation system is a transient free, electronically switched power quality correction system. That has the ability to respond, cycle-by-cycle, to rapid load fluctuations. Acquisition of maximum compensation is only one network cycle (typically 5 to 20ms at 50 Hz.).

This allows the Equalizer to significantly reduce the “start up” reactive loading of the generator and to effectively minimise peak “start up” current.



Voltage Dip Prevention

Elspec offers a unique solution to the problem of disconnection of the turbines during voltage dips. Elspec have developed the only reactive system capable of meeting the stringent Spanish PO12.3 standard. For more details please click here.

Large Global Footprint of Equalizers Used in Wind Turbine Generators

Thousands of Equalizers have been installed in many different wind turbine generation facilities world-wide:

  • Europe (UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, France, Spain, Greece, Germany)
  • Japan
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Morocco