State Of The Art Power Quality Measurement

Elspec power quality meters enable advanced analysis of power quality problems.  Their ground breaking PQZIP loss-less compression algorithm enables continuous high resolution recording without the need for setting triggers or thresholds.  Continuous recording of all parameters enables effective trouble shooting of difficult power quality problems more easily than was previously possible.


Hassle free, comprehensive power quality analysis  and trouble shooting requires:

  • Continuous Logging at high resolution so that events are captured whenever they occur, instead of trying to predict when they might occur. No need for event triggers, we record it all continuously for one month or more!
  • Logging of all parameters (current, voltage, frequency, harmonics etc), so that you have all the data for a thorough analysis.
  • Blackbox_sHigh sampling and recording rate, so that harmonics, transients and voltage dips are properly recorded. 512 or 1024 data points per cycle recorded for every parameter stored in the database, no averages!
  • Multipoint synchronised recording so all meters on the network have the same time stamp for advanced multipoint event analysis.
  • NRS048 reports generated at the touch of a button.
  • Event reports generated with a single mouse click.
  • Powerful, user friendly analysis software (no extra charge).

Only Elspec power quality analysers can provide all of these features in a single affordable unit.

Download G4k Range Brochure

Download G4500 (Portable) Brochure