The Advanced Equalizer ST Motor Start-Up Solution

The ultimate real-time dynamic reactive power compensation system for medium and low voltage motor start-ups.

  • Cost-effective solution in comparison to soft starters
  • Stabilse voltage and reduce start-up currents
  • Reduce peak loads on the transformers substantially
  • Transient free solid state switching
  • Single centralised solution can compensate for many different motors

The Equalizer ST uses real-time high speed power quality correction to provide a solution to the problems faced when starting large electric motors. The graphs below show measurements taken during the start up of a large electric motor.

Typical Voltage Sag and High Currents from Large Motor Start Up

The first graph shows the voltage, current and reactive power during the start up without any compensation. Note the large sag in voltage caused by the large current draw during start up.


Using a Conventional Soft Starter

The graph below shows the voltage, current and reactive power drawn while starting the motor using a soft-starter. Note the voltage sag is pratially reduced but lasts longer.


Using the Equaliser ST

Note that the voltage sag is to all intents and purposes, eliminated, and the high start-up current is drastically reduced. The high current draw also lasts for less time than both the above cases.