Advanced Power Quality Measurement

We can offer advanced power quality measurement services.

Common Power Quality Problems

Poor power quality can manifest in a number of different problems such as:

  • Low power factor at maximum demand
  • Sporadic voltage dips that stop your machinery
  • Current spikes that trip your breakers
  • Harmonics that destroy your sensitive electronic appliances
  • Flickering lights
  • Overloaded cables and transformers
  • Unstable voltage
  • Motor start problems

Very often the key starting point towards solving these issues is to get proper measurements taken.  Without proper measurements its often very difficult to isolate and thus solve the problem.

Power quality problems can be difficult to deal with because events can be very short lived (lasting a few milliseconds) and are often sporadic and unpredictable.  In order to measure them, you need specialised power quality meters that can record at high resolution continuously.

The Importance of Continuous PQ Measurements

For a discussion on the significant benefits of continuous high resolution measurement when analysing power quality problems, please click here.

Our state of the art Elspec G4420 meters can continuously record all parameters at high resolution (25,000 data points per second, per parameter), for up to one month, without the need for setting triggers or thresholds.

They are perfect for tracing the causes of power quality problems!

So if you need any of the following measured:

  • Power Factor and reactive energy measurements
  • Measurement of short duration voltage dips and spikes, or current transients
  • Harmonics (up to the 256th harmonic)
  • Plant start-up voltage dips and current spikes
  • Or any other form of power quality problem solving and/or trouble shooting

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