OptimumEnergy Sevices, together with Fides Cloud Technologies have developed a unique on-line electricity consumption modelling tool called PowerProphet.

Some of the things PowerProphet enables you to do are:

  • Predict electricity consumption for any building or part thereof.
  • Predict savings possible from any energy saving ideas or projects
  • Predict the electricity bill for any period
  • Understand how your daily routine results in the monthly electricity bill
  • Identify the activities or appliances that are having the biggest effects on your bill
  • Predict your company or factory’s maximum demand

PowerProphet uses exactly the same calculation as a council billing meter, so the predictions should be comparable to the actual bill, given the same circumstances in reality.

PowerProphet is a very useful tool for tackling any of the following problems:

  • Understanding why your electricity bill is so high
  • Identify the main causes of a high electricity bill
  • Estimating the savings possible from a different type of electricity usage behaviour
  • Estimating the savings from implementing new efficient technologies
  • Estimating the electricity consumption and bill of a new building
  • Estimating the power specification for alternative sources such as photo-voltaic panels

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