In South Africa we are blessed with some of the highest annual solar energy per square meter in the world.


We tend to take our abundant sun shine for granted, but it represents an enormous free energy source.  Every day, a large amount of energy is being absorbed by the roof of your building, as well as the ground outside.

Yet in spite of this abundantly available natural resource, solar power systems are still considered somewhat of a novelty in South Africa.

Nevertheless, like all other natural resources such as minerals or oil, solar energy can be transformed into substantial financial benefit.

Grid Tied Solar Systems

yingli_industrial3The most commonly used method for large scale solar power generation in industrial, commercial, or agricultural applications is what’s known as a “grid tied” configuration.

A grid tie inverter is a special type of inverter that is connected directly to “the grid” (your electricity network).  Grid tied systems feed electricity generated from solar panels directly into your electricity network while the sun is shining, thus augmenting the power you consume from the council.  In this way, as solar power becomes available during the day from your solar panels, the amount of electricity you draw from the council is significantly  reduced (depending on the size of your solar system).

Financial Benefits

Industrial and commercial grid tied solar systems can represent a substantial on-going saving limited only by three things:

  • The size of your solar system (which is in turn limited by available space for solar panels)
  • The life of your solar system (modern high quality systems last for 25-30 years)
  • The weather over your property (cloudy days reduce the amount of solar energy available)

At the current levels of relative cost of solar systems vs electricity tariffs, many large grid tied systems pay back their installation cost within 5-6 years.  Thereafter, over the 25-30 year life of the system, they supply hassle-free, reliable daily reductions in the amount of electricity required from the council.

When those savings are calculated over the life of the system, assuming very conservative annual electricity tariff increases, they can amount to tens of millions of Rand for a typical medium sized roof top system!

Projected Savings from an Actual 215kWp system.
Projected Savings from an Actual 215kWp System.

Simple, Reliable, Mature Technology

Solar panel technology is very simple and reliable, provided high quality components are used (cheaper is not always better).  There are no moving parts.  And provided the system is well installed by professionals using the correct components, very little, if any, parts need to be replaced over the life of the system.  Most systems are literally in the “install and forget” category of reliability.

Apart from cleaning the panels, if they get dusty, no other maintenance is normally expected.

Highly Scalable Solutions

Another benefit of solar power  systems is that they are highly scalable.  The size of the system (peak power generation capacity) is determined simply by the number of panels included in the array.  If you need more power, just add more panels!

This allows projects to start off small and grow as required.

We offer full turnkey solutions, designed and installed by experienced specialists.

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