We recently launched a new website OffGridDIY.co.za,  aimed at the domestic and small business Do It Yourself alternative power market.

Given the current situation in which electricity supply is erratic, where many home and business owners are urgently looking for ways to become less dependent on Eskom power, we identified a sector with latent demand that perhaps was looking for smaller more affordable solutions than the “big bang, professionally installed” projects which can be very costly.

Basic Principles Behind the Off Grid DIY Website:

  • Enable home and small business owners to empower themselves (literally), by supplying products which will enable them to incrementally reduce their dependence on Eskom power, at their own pace, and within their available budget.  Alternative power projects can be quite expensive, especially if a “big bang” approach is adopted.  But if they are tackled “one small bite at a time”, then perhaps they become less daunting and more do-able for the average family man.
  • For many people, this is a whole new subject which can be quite confusing – especially with regard to the myriad of products available.  We have tried to reduce the overload by selecting good, value-for-money options from the vast array of products available and thus simplify the choice somewhat.  We have also added some basic approach hints and calculators to guide you.
  • Where appropriate, we have tried to include local manufacturer’s products.  Not only because its good for the economy, but also because local manufacturers should be able to offer better after sales support and advice, as well as perhaps being less affected by the exchange rate weakness.
  • Given the current surge in demand, we have adopted a policy of only listing products that have reliable delivery lead times.  In some cases those lead times might be quite long, but at least they should be reliable – at least to the extent that any lead time can be reliable, given the vast array of external factors that can affect these things. We will be updating the website as new information becomes available on a daily basis, if necessary.

Flat Delivery Fee

In order to try and keep costs down we have adopted a flat deliver fee per delivery anywhere in Gauteng.  This has enabled us to bring down individual product prices as much as possible.

On-Going Addition of Products

Given the speed at which we put the site together (a few days), there are lots of additional products which we will be adding in due course, so check back frequently for the latest.

Blog Section

Because many people are still learning about this subject, from time to time, we will add interesting articles on various topics to the Blog section, to help reduce the unnecessary mystery that sometimes cloaks these subjects.

So please check it out:





We Launch OffGridDIY.co.za